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About me

I am a 20 -year old media designer that loves to put a personal
touch on everything. I think everything you make should have a
message or a meaning. If you want to know more about me
you can view my resumé here.

Roadtrip Video

This is a short aftermovie of the roadtrip I did in 2016. We, my boyfriend and I, travelled through seven countries in Europe during a period of two weeks. During this
time we shot some footage of some of the amazing locations we came across. This edit shows how fun the unpredictable can be!


ROC West-brabant - Targets

This was an assignment for my internship at BriljantNet. A Dutch school-community called 'ROC West-Brabant' wanted to show their targets for the comming year in
a more attractive way. There were no strict guidelines to this particular assignment; the only requirement was that the message was clearly shown to the audience.


Radius College - More than teaching

The Radius college had asked for a infographic on teachers in general. The main goal was to show that being a teacher is more than
teaching alone. For the style of this infographic I tried to give it that old-school feeling using chalk and a chalkboard.



For the short film "Werktitel" I was asked to make a poster. The style element of this film was primarilly neon, so naturally that is what shows in the movie
poster. The short film is about a writer who never finishes a story he writes, until he finds out that everything he writes turns into reality. Will he finish his story now?


ROC West-Brabant - Poster

ROC West-Brabant is a community of several school. They wanted a visual way of showing all the different schools that are a part of this community.


Story about...

For our first-year-anneversary I had the idea to make a small sketch-book of the highlights of our first year together. This is one of the pages.


Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is an online magazine where artists can send some of their work to in order to get some publicity. For every month the magazine has a
new theme with a matching calender. The assignment was to design one of these calenders that matches the theme of that month. My final design
for the month July was picked by the editors to put in their magazine, which I was very pleased about!



During my first year at the Koning Willem I College, I decided to pick one of the assignments the students had done previously, in order to catch up with the first
six months that I had missed. I chose this one because I felt it was the one I could learn the most new skills from.


Isometric City

For this assignment we were asked to design an isometric city in Illustrator. I focussed my deisgn on the crowded city being the centerpiece, leading
into the more residential areas with nature surrounding it.



During my first year at the Koning Willem I College we had an assignment to make an infographic about somehting that interests you. One of my favorite
breed of dogs is the husky, so naturally I chose this as my topic. The facts are scavenged from the internet, while the husky design was partially
hand-drawn by me before moving it into Illustrator to digitalize the sketch.



Another one of my school projects was to design a CD-cover for the fictional rockband 'Dawood'. I started off doing some research into
different covers from other known rockbands, leading up to my own design which you can view above.



In my spare time I like to design my own personal things. One of them being this background for my laptop. I tried to add a few personal elements such as
the Disney Castle, a Disney quote and a picture of me and my boyfriend.


Iphone 6 Background

In my spare time I like to design my own personal things. One of them being this background for my iPhone. I did a few diverse sketches of the elephant
including sketching, drawing and using Photoshop. The main goal was to match this background with the one I made for my laptop.


3D House

Inspired by the movie 'Up', I designed this house in 3DSMAX.


Waffle Iron

This 3D model is made to show all the different parts within a waffle iron. The entire build was done in 3DSMAX.


Contact me

Feel free to e-mail me for more information, or just to say hello!